The rocks on my dresser

Hello friends and family,

I have two rocks that sit on my dresser. They are rocks my friend Mandi Felici brought me back from the Garden of Gethesmane. I pick them up often and hold them, wondering how long they had been there, where they there when the Savior atoned for my sins? Did He step on them as he walked the dusty road? Did His tears fall on them as He cried to His Father?

I lost a good friend this past week. She was 31 years old. Her name is Camille Linsley. I have known Camille and her family for many years. They hold a very special place in my heart. They have endured trials I cannot begin to comprehend. It was not even two years ago they lost their son Mike. He was best friends with my brother and a very good friend to me also. Camille has two small children, Desi 3, and Aiden 8, and her sweet husband Allen. Allen's father was in my singles bishopric years ago, what a wonderful family. I have learned so much about Christlike love from all of them.

As I thought of this weekend and the reasons that we celebrate Easter. I held those two rocks in my hand. I thought of this past week and how heartwrenching and difficult it has been. I thought of those two little children and how much they are going to miss their mommy. I thought of how much I will miss Camille's laugh and her sarcasm. I remember when her brother Mike died her comforting me. That is the kind of person that she is.

I have thought of the atonement and how much the Savior bore for each of us. How although sometimes it has been hard to believe that she is gone, He suffered that those of us here would hurt far less because of His love for us.

I do not understand why things like this happen in life. They hurt. But I trust my Savior, for without Him and the knowledge that Camille is with him and Mike, I don't think we could endure the pain of this temporary seperation. My heart aches for Allen. I am humbled at the grace Heavenly Father will provide him in the upcoming months and years. I am thankful that he, Camille and their children are sealed for time and all eternity.

April is a bittsweet month for me. I have lost several friends. They were called home early. I miss them everyday. I am thankful however for Jesus Christ, for His atonement, and for His life in each of our behalfs.

This Easter we have the opportunity to attend church. It means more to me than ever. "That He should care for me, enough to die for me" It is my prayer that each of us remembers His atoning sacrfice and His death and ressurection in each of our lives. For I know that my Reedemer lives.

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