Miracles Happen

Hello family and friends,

It has been a long time since I have posted anything.  I never have been great at writing in a journal, so it stands to reason that I am not on top of keeping my blog current.

There have been so many amazing things that have happened to people I love in the past couple of months.  Quiet miracles, new babies, new jobs and new hope.  I am so happy for all of the great things happening to the most deserving people I love. 

Paul and Lynette Cardall just had a little baby girl a couple of weeks ago.  I am so happy for them and their sweet family.  Eliza is such a gift to this world.  Paul and Lynette are truly gifts in my life and have taught me as Paul would say "Miracles Happen"  I can hardly wait to give little Eliza a hug.  I am thankful for the Lord's hand in blessing my life with such good people.

I have a friend who is struggling so much regarding the gospel.  He feels that he is too far away and does not believe that he can come back.  I love him and I want him to know that our Savior is waiting with open arms and all of the love He has for my friend, if he will only ask.... I pray for him every day but only he can ask the Lord and I know our Savior's arms are waiting to hold him as he finds his way back.

I have another friend who lost his wife and baby a little over a year ago.  He is raising three small children by himself and just relocated to go to medical school.  He amazes me and reminds me daily to "press forward with a steadfastness in Christ"  What a wonderful example he is to me.

I am so lucky where I live, I love my home and have a wonderful ward.  I can never repay them for their love and support in my life over the past few years.  Several people have asked me lately just what is going on in my life.  Here is the readers digest version.......  I have had 2 PE's (blood clots) that went through my heart and into my lungs doing extensive damage to my heart and lungs.  It also resulted in a blood disorder.  They found three tumors during that time, one behind my heart, one in my liver and some in my lower back.  They did surgery to remove the tumor behind my heart a year ago, it was pretty rough, but I am tough and I made it!  I lost a baby, went through a divorce, lost a step-son and thought I had hit rock bottom.  Then..... I was in a terrible car accident that changed my life pretty much forever.  I have Type 1 diabetes so that complicates everything and have had severe side effects due to the trauma my body has faced.  I won't bore you with anymore details, and I am not writing this so that you feel sorry for me.  The truth is, I would go through all of it again, to know the Savior and trust Him with my life.  I have never been closer to Him and have learned that I would never have made it through these temporary set backs in life without Him.

My ward is one of the most precious gifts in my life.  There are countless people who have brought in meals, called, stopped by, prayed for me and always lift my spirits.  I can never repay them for the love and support that they are to me.

I love my family, they are crazy and fun and I do not know what I would do without them.  My mom and Chuck have been there for me whenever I have needed them.  It is amazing that Mothers just know when their children need them, my Mom has always been there for me and I love her very much.

My nieces are coming for two weeks to visit from California.  I am so excited to see them and spend some time with them.  I love all of my nieces and nephews, they are great kids who have awesome parents!

I apologize if sometimes I get a little wimpy on facebook, I try to stay positive, but sometimes it just sucks!

The bottom line is simply this (Paul I am borrowing this from you)  Miracles do happen, they happen every day.  I see them in my life, in the lives of those I love and those I will know one day.  I am thankful for the many miracles I have felt, seen and been a part of.  I love all of you! 

Let's go to lunch soon.... give me a call, I would love to hear from all of you.