What I know....

Hello friends and family,

I have started this post several times, left it and then came back to it and here we are once again.  I went through some of my old blogs, I was a mess for several years.  In looking back at how sad I was and what I was going through really made me reflect on how far I have come and how far I still have to go.

Life has a funny way of teaching you lessons that you never expected to learn.  I have found this out recently.  I have to thank my Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ for the past three years.  I have learned so much about love, faith and simply believing in things that are not seen, but felt.  I have to say that I would not trade a moment of the pain that I have endured for anything.  It actually has been a gift and a great learning experience for me.

Life changes quickly and all of a sudden you are standing in Holy Places with people and learning how much the Lord loves you, despite all of the mistakes that we sometimes make in this life.  I am grateful beyond words for the places and people that He has sent into my life.  I can never repay Him for these treasured gifts that He has given me.

I had the opportunity to sit down and visit with someone I consider one of my greatest hero's and mentors.  It was still and sweet and answered many long awaited questions to my heart and mind.  It has made me a different person, I want to be better, I want to love more and express that love to everyone. 

One of most simple and profound things that we can do in this life is express our love to each other.  So, if I start telling you I love you and I have not done that before, accept my apology for not doing so and accept the fact that I may be telling you often..:)

I am so grateful for a friend of mine who has helped my tackle one of my biggest and most emotional issues in my life.  My weight.  It will be a long journey.  But I can say now that I am ready to take it.  It is so strange to see me actually be willing to talk about my weight and I have someone who loves me unconditionally and wants to help me not because he has too, but because he wants too.  I will keep you posted as to my progress, it a new beginning and will be a long road, but I am optimistic and ready for change.

I am excited to finally be well enough to be working from home and hope to be back in full swing the first of the year.

For the first time in a while, I have seen the sun again.  It was a long winter and I am grateful for the seasons and what each one has taught me.

I am thankful for a loving family.  I struck the jackpot with good parents and siblings that teach me through their examples.

My voice is coming back slowly, but it is in there somewhere. With all of the damage done to my lungs, I really worried that I would never sing again.  When I hit my half way point with my weight loss, I am going to record a song about the journey (with a little help from my friends) and then when I am at my goal, start working on a project with several songs...

Well it is late, which is not a shock I am sure to any of you.  I love you all and am thankful for your examples in my life.  I could not do it without you!!

Karley   XOXOXO