A 3 year old's perspective!

Hello Family and Friends,

It has been months since I have updated my blog.  It is crazy how fast time goes by!  I cannot believe how fast this past year has zipped on by.  I am so looking forward to going back to work soon.

My friend's little boy was jumping in my pile of leaves this afternoon.  I loved doing that when I was a little girl.  Some days I wish that jumping in leaves was as much fun now, with my luck I would break a leg....

Anyway, he jumped in the smaller portion of the leaves and landed pretty hard, he got up dusted his pants off and then said with a sigh.."life is pretty hard sometimes"  It made me laugh so hard. His rough landing was pretty hard, it also has made me think about what we can learn, when life truly is really hard.

The election this year was pretty hard on my nerves at times, I got so sick of hearing everyone fighting each other.  To be honest, I wish there had been a diffrerent outcome.  I will support our President and pray for him and for our country.

I was talking to a good friend last week who is going through some very hard times.  Life for him has been very hard, and he struggles daily to be strong and endure the challenges we are all given.  I have so much respect for him for his trials have been long and continue to be hard.

As hard as life can be, it also can bring such happiness and joy to all of us.  I have a brand new niece.  Her name is Chloe.  She is adorable.  I held her shortly after she was born and thought to myself what a gift she is to our family. When I held her I wondered how thin the veil truly was and how close that sweet baby is to our Father in Heaven.  I think I might call and pay her a little visit.  She makes me happy.  She was born the same month my baby would have been born, if I had not miscarried.

I have been writing something I am grateful for this month.  It kind of makes me feel bad that I do not write something every day of the year that I am thankful for.  There are so many blessings I have been given and I want you to know how blessed my life is for those gifts everyday, not just in November.

My Christmas decorations are up early this year.  Thanks to my friend Tracy Barlow for helping me drag them all out and put them up.  It is nice to have a dear friend who happens to be a very talented florist and professional decorator.  My house feels so cozy.  As much as I love having them up this early, I am sure I will be wanting to rip them down by Christmas..LOL

I told Tracy before I opened up my Monica closet (If you watched Friends, you will know what I mean, she was OCD about her house but had a secret closet that was filled to the brim with stuff) mine looks just like that..... Now the secret is out.... When I opened the closet Tracy just laughed, it is great that he knows me so well.  My goal after Christmas is to organize my Monica closet.....LOL

I now need to think about Christmas shopping.. I don't have a ton to do, but I enjoy thinking about what my loved ones and friends would like as a gift from me. 

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I am thankful for the birth of our Savior and His sacrifice for each of us.

I want all of you to know (this just might be my mom, since I am sure not many people read this) how much you mean to me.  I am so lucky to have so many dear friends and wonderful family who are so good to me. 

I sure love my home and the peace I find here.  I have been writing several new songs and look forward to one day finishing a collection of my music.  Even when life is hard, I find solace in being able to sit down and express my feelings through music. 

Well... I am going to bed!  It is late and hopefully I will be able to sleep.  I learned a great lesson today from little Josh Sarmento... Yes, life is hard, yes we will hit some bumps in the road and yes we are loved beyond our comprehension from the One who sacrificed His life so that ours would be eaiser. 

Please keep in touch with me.  I really do love you all and let's do lunch!


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