Hello my friends, Hello! (Nothing to worry about, just sounded like a Neil Diamond song for a minute!)

Hi Friends and Family,

I am back!  That was a nice little year since I posted last!  I am such a slacker!!  Life continues to have a surprise around every corner for me.  I am thankful to have a great family and wonderful friends who laugh and cry with me... (This often can happen in the same conversation at times!)

I am hanging in there. My health is back on track, however my back is another story.  I have 6 herniated disc's and sciatica in my lower back... not so much fun, I would not recommend have a back that is limiting when you are ready to get back to life!

I spent almost five years under the radar from speaking in my ward.  Sunday, that came to an end.  I spoke about how the Savior's love for me and the wonderful blessings that can come to us through adversity.  I am a lucky girl to know that He loves me enough to give me trials that teach me about the atonement and how it not only applies to sin, but also to the pain that we often endure in this life.

My family always goes to Bear Lake over the fourth of July.  I will not be going this year.... It is a bummer, with 6 herniated disc's in my back and sciatica in my lower back, I would miserable and not a happy camper.  I wish I could be with them, but there is always next year!

I am enjoying my home and my sweet neighbors.  I love living in a culdesac! (not sure I spelled that right)  After church yesterday my cute neighbor who is 12 brought me little cupcakes she made because she said she liked my talk.  It was sweet.  They were grape I believe...I have never had a grape cupcake! LOL

I love all the babies in my ward!  It is so much fun to be the honorary Auntie and makes losing my baby a little easier when I hold a sweet little one.

Well I will write more this week and post pictures!  Until then carry on and know that I am thankful for all of you.
Let's talk soon!

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