Summer Fun..well not so much!

It is 5 A.M and once again I am wide awake.  I have learned that I probably should be up and productive when I can't sleep, but that would detract from all the junk on TV in the middle of the night!

Last week I came down with a summer cold, or at least that is what it started out as!  After dealing with it for four days I went into the doctor.  It turns out it is summer pneumonia.  I feel okay as long as I don't breathe or cough..LOL  I should be able to kick stuff like this, however, with my lungs still being somewhat compromised from the PE's it just doesn't  happen that way.

Life is gradually returning to normal (whatever normal is) and I am thankful for that.  I need to get back to work.  I will be glad when fall gets here and I can be officially cleared from the doctors to return to work.

I sure love my home.  It is such a place of comfort for me.  I love the people I live by and I belong to the most awesome ward!  Everyone should be as lucky as I am.

I am excited to see Maggie and Frannie next Sunday, they are coming in from California.  I miss those girls so much!  I can hardly wait to give them a big hug from their favorite Auntie.  I need to post recent pictures of all of my niece's and nephews, they are all growing up so fast.  Parker is 15 and Madisen is 16... I remember when they were just babies... Time goes by so fast.  It doesn't seem possible that all of them are growing into such sweet kids.  I love you..Parker, Isaac, Eli, Madisen, Mylee, Bridger, Skyler, Gabe, Tyler, Ellie, Maggie, Fran and baby Richard!

I also have struggled a little trying to find myself.  I apologize to those I may be a little short with.  It is hard for me to trust again after the past few years with Josh.  I wish things had been different but I imagine after a season I will relax and open my heart to whatever the Lord has in store for me.  Until then please be patient with me.

I love my bug!  It has been fun to get out and run around and is great therapy for my soul. 

I also have thought so much about the Mack family and what they have gone through, it has made me realize that everyday is a gift, a priceless gift, we never know the season of which our Father in Heaven will call us back home.  I believe that we need to make everyday count.  If we could treat each other as if it were our last, hug a little longer, spend an extra few minutes expressing our love for one another and living with no regret what a gift not only for us, but for the ones we love.

Well I guess since I am up, I will attempt to clean my house so that you don't see me on some crazy TV show with the messiest house in town...LOL  Have a great day!

Talk to you soon!

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