Bridges to our hearts

Hello cute family and friends,

I love the Golden Gate Bridge!  I was born in San Rafael California and have always loved driving across that bridge to get to where I was born and raised for a time.   The bridge is massive and majestic to see, when traveling over the bridge I am always amazed at the thousands of cars that travel back and forth across the bay.

Today I have had a different bridge that I find being built at this time.  It is a bridge that is meant for someone close to me.  It is the bridge to our Father in Heaven and His beloved Son Jesus Christ.  It beckons my friend to step onto the bridge and trust that it will lead him into the safety of arms that gently wait for him at the other side of the bridge.

It is not to say that this particular bridge is like the famous Golden Gate bridge, however, it carries the weight of a soul needing direction to cross safely into the arms of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is strong and is made up of unconditional love, of peace, of trust and most importantly it is made safe by the arms that await for my friend once he crosses the bridge.

It is funny that we think we can survive in this life just fine on our own.  I used to feel that way as well.  I have been through a very rough two years that I would not have survived without my Savior. His leaders and my sweet friends and family have also been beside me through my darkest nights..  My struggles are not over yet, however, I find peace and comfort in the truth that I am never alone.  My best friend Jesus Christ is with me always.

When we are lost or in need of directions to help us find the bridges to our hearts, it is comforting to know that the builder of those bridges beckons us to come to Him.   He will give us rest.  He will keep us safe and He will hold us in His arms as we simply call His name.

To my friend, I love you! I know that your heart is tender, I know that you are searching for answers, I wish I had them to give you.  I do not.  I do know that the atonement of Jesus Christ can soften the toughest hearts and provide the comfort that we all need so much at different times in our lives.

I want my friend and all of you to know that there are bridges that we all have to cross at one time or another.  I find it comforting to know that the bridge to our hearts is made whole by one who loves us more than is possible to comprehend.

I am grateful for the bridges that I have walked.. I am thankful for the builder who constructs each bridge based on the needs of His Sons and Daughters. Our bridges may be different, but at the very end of each bridge waits our Master with open arms.


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