The Best Life......

Hello Friends and family,

You may wonder why I titled my blog "The Best Life".  The past couple of weeks I have been very ill and back in the hospital.  I have never been in so much pain.  I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I actually prayed that I would die at one point because I hurt so much.  It has been such a tough couple of years regarding my health.  I never have been one to complain much but I have to say that I really would like to get back to living and not just enduring one thing after another. 

In thinking of the past several weeks, I realize one very important thing... I have the best life.  I have wonderful friends, a wonderful ward full of people who serve so unselfishly and teach me what it means to become more like our Savior.  I have a family who is there for me at a moment's notice and kindness from strangers I don't even know, who have shown their love to me.  So, in spite of struggles and hardships I really do have the best life.  I owe my Heavenly Father so much, I can never repay Him for all He has blessed me with.  I have a wonderful Bishop who loves me and has been so supportive of me.  My ward is the best ever.  Everyone should belong to a ward like mine.  I will never leave my home.  I love my neighbors, we are pretty close in our circle and they are the best people ever.  I can't possibly thank everyone by name for the love and support I have been blessed to receive.  Thank you all, I love you!

The best life each of us can have is in recognizing the love that surrounds us.  We may be struggling with tons of problems, some in our control and often out of our control.  But it is through others, through a loving Savior and through the grace of the atonement that we can have the best life that has been designed just for us.

I am not the only one who is struggling by any means, I have friends and family who are enduring great challenges in their own lives.  I love you all, I want to be there for you.  I want you to be happy and to live the best life that lies within our reach.

I am so grateful for laughter!  I love to laugh and today I was not feeling well.  I had been in bed all day and having a little pity party by myself, when my sister Katie called.  Within minutes I was laughing so hard at the things she was saying.  It felt so good and I love her so much.  I am so excited she and my little nephew are coming to see me in a couple of weeks.  I love them so much!

I am grateful for my crazy basset hound Zoey.  She is a funny girl, and is so sensitive when I am feeling under the weather.  She has a stuffed pig that she drags around the house like a security blanket and today she jumped on the bed and flung the pig at me and then laid down right next to me.  It was so sweet, she never shares her pig with anyone...LOL

I am thankful for this season. I love fall, it is so beautiful and I love the holidays.  It is strange that this will be the first official holiday season since my divorce.  But I find great peace in that.  My ex-husband hated the holidays, it is really sad because I love to be surrounded by family and friends and enjoy every minute of it. I really look forward to it this year!

If I had not lost my baby she would have been 2 years old.  It is so crazy how time goes by.  I miss her so much and there is a hole in my heart that went with her when I lost her.  I miss my little Ethan.  He was the best little guy ever.  I love him and wonder how he is and if he is enjoying school.  I still have really hard feelings about how his parents chose to handle our divorce.  They told Ethan I was dead, I was his step-mom, I love him, I always will and one day when he is old enough to make his own decisions I will tell him how much he has meant to me.

Well I am off to bed.  I want you all to know how thankful I am to each of you for being a part of my life!  Love you all!


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