Drops of Rain

Hello Everyone,

I am sitting here looking out my window and the rain in pouring down outside.  As grateful as I should be for the moisture... enough already!  Maybe this will be the year we will have snow in the mountains that will last until next Christmas!

In the last week I have cried my own river of tears... It has been a long nine months of being seperated and then all of a sudden I am in a different place once again.  Moving into a new phase of life is difficult and change isn't always easy for me.  Our divorce was necessary! that I have no doubt about.  However, I feel like such a failure in so many ways.  I want to have a family, kids, a husband to love and take care of.  I just wish he had wanted the same things I did.  I miss what I never had, and am envious of those who have someone that loves them back. 

I feel tired!  My heart is acting up a bit!  There is nothing quite like looking like your grandma wearing ted-hose around the house to keep from getting canckles!

I am excited to have my friend, Michele from OHS coming in town next week for a visit.  It will be fun to chat face to face instead of skype and the phone!

I feel very blessed for every tear I have cried, because, there is a lesson to be learned from each one.  However, I am hoping for less tears and more laughs!

We will talk soon!

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