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Hello Friends!

I cannot believe it is the 10th day of May and the sun is no where to be found!  This weather is getting old.  I miss the sun!

It was fun spending time with my family over the weekend.  My nephew Eli was baptized on Saturday.  He is such a cute boy!  I cannot believe how big he is, I remember holding him when he was blessed, time such goes by quickly.

It was also so nice to spend the weekend with my Mom.  I love her very much!  I am so lucky that not only is she my Mom but also my best friend!

Thursday I get to go to a settlement hearing regarding my divorce... lucky me, NOT!  I am so tired of Josh's games, I would like to move on with my life, if I spent the time he has on making my life difficult I could solve all of the world's problems.  If I have learned anything through all of this, it is, honesty and character define who we are and how we handle the cards that are dealt to us.  Josh is not the person I thought I had married.  It is so sad that I loved him so much and I believe based on his actions he never loved me, ever!  I am not sure what his thought was when he married me, but it brings me comfort to know that he will answer to the Lord oneday for his actions, just as I will, the difference is, I loved him, wanted a husband , wanted to be a good mother and tried with all of my heart.  Sometimes the hardest situations bring us the closest to our Father in Heaven, for that I am thankful for I know He loves me and has walked through this valley with me.

I am hoping to go back to work soon.  My heart is taking longer than anyone thought to heal.  The PE's in my lungs damaged the right side of my heart and it is taking it's time getting well. I tire very easily, but along with everything else, this too shall pass!

I am so thankful for my good friends.  My friend Michele has been so good to me, she can make me laugh through the toughest of times, she is such a good listener and I am so grateful for telephones, she lives in California and I feel like she is next door!  There are so many of you that I would love to name and thank for all you do for me!  Your friendship means the world to me!

Well I had better run, it is late and I am going to head to bed.  We will talk soon!

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  1. Just remember Kar, you are a better person and you have Heavenly Father on your side. I love you. Plus Karma will bite him in the butt!! Love ya Kel