Home Sweet Home

Hello Everyone,

It is so crazy how much snow there has been in the past three days!  I cannot believe it.  It is nice to be inside my cozy home, it is my safe place, refuge and I love where I live.  It got me to thinking about safe places in our lives.  I feel the most secure and safe as I keep a close relationship with our Savior.  His place in my heart and life is the very safest place for me.  I remember not long ago feeling panicked and alone during a difficult time.  I was shaking and crying and trying really hard to totally fall apart.  All of a sudden a thought came clear and strong to get on my knees and hand it over to My Father in Heaven. I knelt by the side of my bed and I talked to Him, I told him how I felt as tears flooded my eyes.  I ask him to help me feel safe.  At that moment, the fear and anxiety left, that quickly it was gone and instead I felt this incredible sense of love and of peace.  I felt safe in the arms of my Father in Heaven and His Son, my Savior.

My house has been a source of difficulty since I have had some health issues.  I usually am somewhat OCD.. actually quite a bit and sometimes I go crazy because things are not perfectly cleaned, dusted and vacumed.  There are dishes in my sink, laundry to be done and cupboards to be cleaned.  Yet, dispite the clutter and such, I feel so peaceful here. I feel the spirit in my home and that is the most comforting and lovely place for me to be.

The bottom line for me is that wherever we are, we have the Savior whose heart is our home our refuge and our greatest source of comfort.  Since we are only here on earth for a season, imagine what it will be like being at home with Him oneday.  I cannot comprehend, nor am I ready to leave this earth, but oneday we all will be blessed to live with Him again!

With that said, I am going to run.... do a little cleaning, read a little and be thankful for my home here on earth and in heaven!

We will talk soon!  Have a fun day in the snow!

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