It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hello Everyone,

Can you believe that it is April 7th and we have at least three inches of snow on the ground?  I feel like pulling out my Christmas tree and turning the Forgotton Carols on!

Today has been very frustrating for me with my health.  I have a blood disorder and my clotting factors have not been stabilized for months.  I went in today, feeling positive (and a little like frosty the snowman) and once again I am not theraputic!  This means my medication is adjusted again and I feel crappy!  I should not complain, but I am ready to get my life back to normal (whatever normal is these days) 

I took Zoey (my three year old basset hound) to the vet today to get her nails clipped.  I swear she is bi-polar.  She is the sweetest dog until you touch her feet.. Then watch out.  She bit me, the vet and it took three techs to hold her down and trim her nails!  They usually charge me 7.00 but today since she was such a grouch they said "That will be twenty dollars"  She came home as happy as a clam and is sleeping soundly as I am writing.  I was mad!  She is such a stinker.  But a cute little dog... When I say little she weighs almost 70 pounds, has long ears, and tiny legs....

I watched American Idol tonight, I cannot believe that they voted Pia off!  She was one of my favorite's..... I am so addicted to reality TV!  I know that is sad, but true! 

Well I am going to run.... maybe I will make a snowmen with Zoey tomorrow..:)
Talk to you soon!

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