The Little Things......

Hello Friends and Family!

Today has been such a good day.  I did not do very much today but am so grateful for everything I have been blessed with.

I am having my bathroom redone, it is so beautiful.  The tiles are between tan and chocolate in color with a border of cremes tans and chocolates in the shower.  I love it.  I also have two new light fixtures, one hanging above the landing and a new fan in my bedroom.  I love the changes!  It is so nice to have a few changes in my home that make it mine again.... replacing old and sometimes painful reminders with new and updated ones is fun and theraputic!

I also had a chance this week to take the top down on my bug and run around.  I swear it is the best therapy for me.  Once that top is down and my music is cranked up I feel so great!  It is nice to have the wind blowing through your hair and it really does something for your mood as well.  I highly recommend it to everyone!

My recovery is still somewhat slow.  I feel a little better everyday, my heart is still not functioning as it should and so I get tired very quickly and my lungs are still not very strong. 

I am hoping by the end of the summer I am singing again and being able to speak at different church and other functions as I have in the past.  I was so worried I would never sing again  as weak as my voice still is, I am so thankful to have it!

I loved watching the Royal Wedding!  Kate looked so beautiful and I believe it was such a nice break hearing about a true fairy tale wedding to take our minds off of the turmoil the world is in for a moment.

I hope you are well and happy, I am so humbled for the little things in my life that pull me through each and everyday!  Have a great week and we will talk soon!

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  1. Great Blog! Glad you got to have some top down therapy... I miss mine terribly!!! Hugs and love to you!